Plaza’s educational goal is to cultivate a foundation of knowledge, skills and life-long learning by empowering our children, families and communities. Our program provides comprehensive early childhood development services with special emphasis on promoting school readiness in the areas of language and literacy, cognitive development, science, mathematics, social-emotional and physical skills development. Some of our program services include but are not limited to:

* Active learning opportunities

* Nutritional meals and snacks

* Health and wellness services

* Mental and behavioral health services

* Disability services

* Support services for the entire family

* Opportunities to engage in community activities

* Family involvement

Every child is provided a variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences to promote overall growth and development. Children participate in indoor and outdoor activities that enhance their learning. Teaching staff collaborate with parents and families, to develop educational plans and activities based on children’s individual strengths and needs.

Plaza teaching staff are highly qualified and have either a Masters, Bachelors or Associate degree in the field of Early Childhood Education. In addition, they receive extensive professional training annually.

Our agency supports children’s readiness for school and beyond through individualized learning experiences. Our curriculum focuses on building relationships, responsive care, routines and experiences that lay the foundation for language, literacy, math and science. In partnership with parents, Plaza de la Raza provides every child the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential.


Here is a video of preschool children visiting  Aeolian Elementary school where they might possibly attend in the future.